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What is New Energy?
New energy is a new way of thinking about every aspect of energy production and consumption. New energy is distributed, with small, medium and large producers supplying our needs, and communities becoming more self-sufficient. New energy is renewable and collected from natural processes in the world all around us - sun, wind, water and earth. New energy prides itself on the smallest possible ecological footprint. New energy thinks about conservation, recognizing that a joule saved is a joule earned.

New energy is also people power. It flows when we make a decision to step lighter on the Earth. It's the win-win-win effect when we start to implement ecological solutions and discover that we are happier and healthier as a result. For example, when we ride our bikes and walk for more regular trips, we reduce global warming, car crashes and air pollution, but also get fit, reduce stress and develop a new appreciation for our neighbours' flower gardens. As more people make these choices, cities build more "greenways", and then more people make these choices. New energy cascades in this fashion through all aspects of our day-to-day lives.

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