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Index of Topics

Ch. 1 - Local Businesses
Ch. 1 Ep. 1 - Community Gardens -
at Heritage Community Garden, people learn to grow food in an urban environment.
Ch. 1 Ep. 2 - City Farm -
At Edmonton's City Farm they teach kids about urban-rural relationships.
Ch. 1 Ep. 3 - Dine Alberta -
restaurants create a menu for one month with 70% regional food.
Ch. 1 Ep. 4 - Sunfresh Farms -
Small farms have trouble selling their food but there are solutions.

Ch. 2 - Local Resources
Ch. 2 Ep. 1 - Recycled Paper - A Woodland Cree traditional healer explains the damage done by spraying herbicides
Ch. 2 Ep. 2 - Ecosystem Modeling -
At Boreal Ecosystems Research Limited, they are creating computer models that allow us to factor wilderness values in with economics when allocating forestry areas.
Ch. 2 Ep. 3 - Cree Knowledge -
A Woodland Cree traditional healer and a boreal researcher investigate a new concern: clear cut logging in the habitat where mother moose go to have their calves
Ch. 2 Ep. 4 - Straw Board -
At the Alberta Research Council, they're developing high-quality panels made from straw and other agricultural by-products.
Ch. 2 Ep. 5 - Boreal Carbon -
Canada's Boreal Forest is one of the most important carbon storehouses on Earth.

Ch. 3 - Solar Energy
Ch. 3 Ep. 1 - Solar Pioneering -
An 86-year-old Edmontonian produces home-made electricity from an attractive array mounted on a trellis in his backyard.
Ch. 3 Ep. 2 - Power of Efficiency -
Western Canada's grid-tied-solar pioneer discovered the amazing power of "Negawatts" in his quest to get all his electricity from the sun.
Ch. 3 Ep. 3 - Best of Both Worlds -
Some solar energy students install the best of both worlds: a grid-tied, battery backed-up, rooftop photo-voltaic system.
Ch. 3 Ep. 4 - Net Metering -
Net-metering provides many incentives for residential micro-power.
Ch. 3 Ep. 5 - Distributed Supply -
Widespread micro-power, feeding back through the distribution system, is the way of the future - but our grid's not ready for it yet.

Ch. 4 - Transportation
Ch. 4 Ep. 1 - Fuel Saving Driving -
Scott Wilson from the Alberta Motor Association discusses the need to change our attitudes toward the personal automobile, plus fuel-saving tips.
Ch. 4 Ep. 2 - Hybrid Cars -
The hybrid car uses tried and tested automotive technology, re-engineered for an energy-conscious future. 
Ch. 4 Ep. 3 - Smart Manufacturing -
The Smart Car represents a small step toward sustainable transportation, but a major shift in attitude toward sustainable manufacturing.
Ch. 4 Ep. 4 - Cycle Commuting -
Interested in cycling in Edmonton for more than recreation? There are people and services to help you.
Ch. 4 Ep. 5 - Winter Bikeways -
In Edmonton, transportation planning is about providing options, including a network of specialized routes for effective cycling.
Ch. 4 Ep. 6 - Summer Bikeways -
Edmonton City Planners have a mandate to provide us with more options and an important component is Active Transportation, one component of which are bike paths that are used extensively in the summer time.
Ch. 4 Ep. 7 - Taking Transit -
Taking transit is a well recognized solution to global warming, and there are lots of lifestyle benefits too.

Ch. 5 - Using our Resources Wisely
Ch. 5 Ep. 1 - Low Water Gardening -
At the City of Edmonton demonstration gardens, they use compost and grow native wildflowers to showcase low-water gardening.
Ch. 5 Ep. 2 - Grade Seven Science -
The greenhouse effect is part of the "Ecosystems and Interactions" unit in grade seven science. Some students discuss their thoughts on the curriculum.
Ch. 5 Ep. 3 - Glacial Warming -
In part one of our investigation into glaciers, global warming and fresh water, Dr. Martin Sharp discusses feedback effects in the climate system.
Ch. 5 Ep. 4 - No Quick Fix -
Global warming ultimately will result in less glacial melt water in late summer, just when farmers have increased need for it.
Ch. 5 Ep. 5 - Global Solution -
Global warming is a global problem, best studied and solved through international cooperation.
Ch. 5. Ep. 6 - Low Water Household -
Water conservation helps us adapt to a future with less secure water supplies. Fortunately, there is lots of room for improvement in the average Alberta household.

Ch. 6 - Water and Climate
Ch. 6 Ep. 1 - Water and Energy -
It takes energy to bring us water and water to make energy. Brian Johnston explains how to save both at the same time.
Ch. 6 Ep. 2 - Wetlands -
Dr. Suzanne Bayley from the University of Alberta explains the ecological services of wetlands and how to manage them better in Alberta
Ch. 6 Ep. 3 - Climate Warming -
Dr. David Schindler discusses climate change in Alberta: where we're at and future prospects for our eco-system and water supplies.

Ch. 7 - Off Grid Solar Power
Ch. 7 Ep. 1 - Reduce Your Use -
Shane Johnson lives off-grid, installs systems, and teaches seminars. The first lesson is the power of energy efficiency.
Ch. 7 Ep. 2 - Solar in the Country -
In part two, Shane provides an overview of an off-grid, hybrid electric system and shows us how he powers his high-quality lifestyle. 
Ch. 7 Ep. 3 - Off Grid Horse Farm -
Laurel and Jim Van Alstyne are building their dreams. Laurel tells us about life off-grid, using electricity from the sun and wind.
Ch. 7 Ep. 4 - Solar Guy -
Guy Chalifoux has wanted to make his own electricity since the 1970's. He talks about his emerging industry.
Ch. 7 Ep. 5 - Your Own Power Company -
There are more choices available for becoming your own power company. In part 2, "the Solar Guy" gets you started.

Ch.8 - Solar Housing
Ch. 8 Ep. 1 - Solar Thermal -
Trimline Design Centre's solar thermal system allows us to expand our use of the technology here in Alberta.
Ch. 8 Ep. 2 - DHS Solar System -
At the Alberta Research Council, they're working on a whole new way to use solar energy to help Albertans stay warm in the winter - and cool in the summer.
Ch. 8 Ep. 3 - Sun-tempered House -
In part one of our investigation into passive solar house design, we visit the Atchison home in Edmonton. Our solar building expert, Rob Harlan, outlines design features that maximize solar heating for no extra building cost.
Ch. 8 Ep. 4 - Passive Solar -
The Atchisons of Edmonton built a house that has used half the energy of a typical Edmonton house over the last 25 years. It uses passive solar energy to help heat the house and saves them greatly.

Ch. 9 - Recycling
Ch. 9 Ep. 1 - Tire Recycling -
Alberta's tire recycling program is recognized around the world for turning a potentially dangerous waste stockpile into an eco-business success.
Ch. 9 Ep. 2 - Sand Recycling -
Edmonton's new sand recycling program solves cost, safety, environmental and supply issues, and is getting attention from other winter cities. 
Ch. 9 Ep. 3 - Rural Recycling -
Waste management is a complex job these days, even in Slave Lake. Albertans can help out by reducing waste, then recycling properly.
Ch. 9 Ep. 4 - Paper Recycling -
We revisit Earth's General Store and learn more about the theory and practice of conserving our forests with re-used and recycled paper.

Ch. 10 - Eco-Buildings
Ch. 10 Ep. 1 - Straw Bale House -
Albertans are building straw-bale houses to achieve R40 from mostly natural, locally sourced materials. 
Ch. 10 Ep. 2 - Riverdale Netzero Part One - Riverdale NetZero collects an equivalent amount of energy from the sun as the homes and occupants use over the course of a year. In part one of our special feature, more than half of this achievement comes from the building design.
Ch. 10 Ep. 3 - Riverdale Netzero Part Two -
 Riverdale NetZero utilizes four forms of solar energy and a super-efficient design to create a house that will have zero net carbon emissions over time. Edmonton celebrates as we raise the bar for Canadian building standards.

Ch. 11 - Seasonal Specials
Ch. 11 Ep. 1 - Handmade Christmas -
Some Albertans choose to use Christmas discretionary cash to "vote with their dollars" for trends they'd like to see year round.
Ch. 11 Ep. 2 - Christmas 2008 with Future Fireplaces - The holidays are a time for celebrating past accomplishments and setting priorities for the future. In that spirit, Made-in-Alberta launches some new segments. “In the Green” profiles an Edmonton business that sells environmentally friendlier heating products. “Alberta Speaks” hears from some young people at the U of A. Meanwhile, Barb does a little soul-searching and planning of her own.
Ch. 11 Ep. 3 - June EcoMobility Special -
June is Eco-mobility month in Edmonton. Parkallen launches the Local Motion challenge on June 1st, and Bike Month gives cyclists a chance to shine, show off and socialize.

Ch. 12 - Retrofitting
Ch. 12 Ep. 1 - CO2RE -
Carbon dioxide Reduction Edmonton (CO2RE) is a community-wide strategy for helping Edmontonians save energy and greenhouse gas emissions.
Ch. 12 Ep. 2 - Basement Analysis 1 -
In part one of our basement analysis of an 82 year old Edmonton home, Richard Merry, a home energy advisor looks at the heating equipment.
Ch. 12 Ep. 3 - Basement Analysis 2 -
In part two, Richard provides options and instructions for basement wall insulation and explains the benefits of an independent evaluation to the homeowner.
Ch. 12 Ep. 4 - Basement Analysis 3 -
A seventies-era, low-income housing complex in Edmonton gets an energy makeover.
Ch. 12 Ep. 5 - Millbourne Mews Part 1 - Millbourne Mews is a seventies-era, non-profit housing project that was in a state of "building envelope failure". Fortunately, the caring and professional management were prepared to do what needed to be done.
Ch. 12 Ep. 6 - Millbourne Mews Part 2 - Intermet Housing Society have abundant expertise in property management, engineering and construction. With CMHC behind the project, and financing in place, they gave Millbourne Mews a new 50-year life cycle.

Ch. 13 - Solar Showcase
Ch. 13 Ep. 1 - Solar Showcase -
A one kilowatt solar power system gives Jasper tourists and residents more to admire than spectacular mountain views.

Ch. 14 - Power to Go
Ch. 14 Ep. 1 - Power to Go -
A video production team spends days off road – and off-grid - getting the shots that communicate their love of nature and art.

Ch. 15 - Smart Growth
Ch. 15 Ep. 1 - Is Edmonton Growing Smart? -
Until we get this chapter launched, watch a video we produced with the Sierra Club of Canada, Prairie Chapter called "Is Edmonton Growing Smart?"
Ch. 15 Ep. 2 - Smart Growth Part One -
Learn how to help Edmonton grow smart.
We want it all: the opportunities and excitement of city living and a quiet serene place to escape to at night. Although a house in the new suburbs may seem like the perfect solution, there are hidden costs. In seven fast-paced minutes, "Is Edmonton Growing Smart?" illustrates the hidden costs of suburban sprawl and, showing examples already in place, the key “smart growth” concepts that will keep Edmonton a clean, healthy, vibrant place to live - long into the future.
Ch. 15 Ep. 3 - Smart Growth Part Two -
It looks like Edmonton is undergoing some major shifts in thinking about two of the ways we grow: municipal development and transportation. Could 2009 signal our change of course from a car-dependant, sprawling city to a future network of self-contained communities, linked to each other and commercial areas with bikeways and public transit? We go downtown and hear from Edmontonians and get primed with “Is Edmonton Growing Smart?”
Ch. 15 Ep. 4 - Smart Growth Part Three -
The third problem with suburban sprawl is loss of green space for wildlife and for growing food. Albertans discuss taking action to support our local food production.
Ch. 15 Ep. 5 - Smart Growth Part Four -
The fourth problem with suburban sprawl – it’s expensive. On the other hand, Edmonton has a long-term vision for efficient and smart growth. We wrap up our mini-series with an overview of what that may look like.
Ch. 15 Ep. 6 -
ICLEI 2009 Special - .In June 2009, hundreds of international delegates came to Edmonton to exchange ideas on how to build and manage sustainable cities. We share some of the stories, plus a preview of Season Four.

Ch. 16 - The Grid
Ch. 16 Ep. 1 - Greening the Grid Part One - As the world gets ready for the Copenhagen climate talks in December, Alberta’s Pembina Institute presents a groundbreaking plan for reducing coal-fired electricity, while adding a diverse mix of renewable power to our grid.
Ch. 16 Ep. 1 - Greening the Grid Part Two -
Tim Weis from the Pembina Institute details the renewable energy suite available to power Alberta. Hundreds of Albertans visit our legislature to say “yes” to renewable energy and “no” to nuclear fission.
Ch. 16 Ep. 1 - Greening the Grid Part Three -
Replacing coal-fired electricity with renewable energy sources makes perfect environmental sense. Tim discusses some of the economic factors and new developments affecting this decision, while Albertans ask for green energy.

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